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About Flat Fee Services

About Flat Fee Services

By on Oct 28, 2013 in Announcements |

Billing by the hour is the traditional method of charging clients for legal services, but that may be changing. In the 21st century hourly billing looks to be on its way out, at least as the default, and that’s ok with me. One of the things I’ve brought to¬†Geek Law is experience in creating flat fee packages, which allow me to take a careful look at the proposed representation and give my potential clients a clear idea of what sort of cost it will entail. So if a client is only interested in the creation of a specific document, needs me to write a memo about potential legal repercussions, or wants me to file a trademark application on their behalf I can tell them exactly how much it will cost to make that happen. It’s true that some circumstances, like extended legal proceedings or negotiations, would make coming up with a reasonable flat fee almost impossible; those times are the exception. Such situations are also not the normal daily concerns of independent artists, small businesses, and other working creative types. Flat fee services mean that every consultation is an opportunity for me to help a potential client, no matter how ambitious or limited their needs might be. It’s my hope that this will make it easier for all my future clients to get the representation they...

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