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What Is Geek Law?

What Is Geek Law?

By on Sep 28, 2013 in Announcements |

Geek Law is a fresh North Carolina law practice started by licensed North Carolina attorney Michael McMullan, me, to serve the hard working and enthusiastic creators of the state. Part of my commitment to reasonable, personal representation for independent and 21st century clients is the concept of Flat Fee Services; whenever possible I will work with potential clients to come up with a reasonable and comprehensive fee for my work, rather than billing by the hour. This means clients will always have a solid idea of what their costs will be, and can better customize my representation to fit their situation. I want you to tell me about your business, show me what you’re trying to build, and let me help you cover all the legal bases that can get confusing or messy when not handled properly. Hell, you can even tell me about your...

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